Daytona Realtors - We are your go to trusted home lender.

We are a full service Daytona, FL mortgage broker that has been helping Florida Realtors like yourself  get their clients preapproved for a Florida Home Mortgage since 1998. Our goal is to guide the clients that our valued Realtor partners refer to us from issuing that first preapproval letter to the day of closing. We want you as a Realtor to trust us. When you get a client, you can submit a buyer's offer with confidence and and the assurance of an established Daytona Florida home lender.

Top 4 Resons to Use Edison Mortgage Group

Lowest Fees In The Florida Mortgage Industry

  • Lowest closing costs.
  • No broker or origination fee charged to our clients (our lenders pay us directly).
  • No underwriting fee charged by any of our lenders.
  • No credit report or application fee (we pick up the charge).


  • We will not steer you wrong for our gain. Honest, up-front, no bait and switch.


  • With over 10 approved Florida lenders, they compete to give your clients the best interest rate.


  • With exceptional relationships with our lenders, closings usually take place in 30 days or less from contract date.

Learn how easy it is to get Preapproved for a home loan.

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